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Welcome to Medicine Buddha Clinic
Fort Collins, Colorado

We are dedicated to providing the best possible health care for our clients. We provide Traditional Chinese Medicine services - acupuncture, herbal formulas, lifestyle and dietary consultations - and psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective.

Our belief is that dis-comfort and dis-ease are products of imbalance in one's life. Each individual has a personal responsibility to help create and assist in maintaining their own mental and physical health rather than turning the responsibility of their healing over to an outside "expert." We welcome working with anyone who is seriously interested in finding the balance in his/her life.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

The main modalities of Chinese medicine are acupuncture and chinese herbs. Reccommendations concerning lifestyle and diet are made from the perspective of balance, yin and yang.

Buddhist Psychotherapy

Buddhist psychotherapy is based on the Buddhist model of the cause of mental suffering (the noble fourfold truths) and the notions of attachment, permanence and clinging to notions of self as the perpetrating forces of mental suffering.


Fort Collins, Colorado

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